Become Nostalgic About Today

Have you ever had a moment when you were doing something, and you suddenly felt nostalgic about whatever you were doing at the time? Walking your dog on a beautiful Autumn day, reading a good book in front of a roaring fire, or finally completing that long-postponed task. We’ve all had these experiences and I think it has a lot to do with Mindfulness, or really being present in the moment.

Recently the phrase Become Nostalgic About Today popped into my head out of nowhere. Like anyone these days, I immediately went to Google to see what it meant. Now for the really interesting part. It wasn’t there! I had a fully-formed life skill drop right into my lap! Thank you, God! As I thought about the phrase and what it meant, a couple of things occurred to me.

First: I had already adopted a similar sentence as my new motto, Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow (Thank you, Michael Bublé).  This should be a touchstone for procrastinators everywhere. Even though the phrase might make you think of Time Travel, it’s actually a lot simpler than that. Simply stated, Today is the day you were talking about when you said you would take care of that job or task Tomorrow. A simple, elegant phrase if ever I heard one.

Second: Even though the statements are similar because they both mention Today, Become Nostalgic About Today (or BNAT, I’m a sucker for acronyms) centers around Today only.  More specifically, to whatever task you are doing right now, one that you may look back upon fondly in the days, months, and years to come. This phrase can be applied to just about anything. Watching a movie with your dog snuggled up next to you, preparing items for the church flea market, or even washing your car on a beautiful day.

Over the years, I have had some issues controlling my temper in stressful situations. “Who hasn’t?” I hear you say. However, a few years ago, I heard a phrase that really rang true for me.  Whenever I am in the middle of a stressful situation, especially when traveling, I simply ask myself, “Is this something you are going to laugh about when you tell this story years from now?” If so, then LAUGH NOW!

As a recovering “Doom & Gloomer”, I know how easy it is to let a frustrating situation spin out of control.  It can ruin your whole day. But, if you apply BNAT to the issue, you will be able to see the humor in just about any situation and immediately switch gears into “problem-solving mode”. While it’s easy to fly off the handle, the BNAT approach is certainly much more productive.

I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for Fall.  It’s my favorite time of the year for many reasons.  Cooler weather and football, cider and donuts, the changing leaves, and just about everything that makes Autumn so special. It also signals the beginning of the Holiday Season. Before you know, it’s Halloween, then it’s time to pick out the turkey for Thanksgiving, and then you’re already behind on your Christmas Shopping. “But it’s only September 24th!” you say!

You can see how easily your calendar can turn into a runaway train!  Then it all comes to a screeching halt on January 2nd. How often do we look back at the previous three months and ask ourselves if we truly “enjoyed” the holidays?  I believe living your life in a BNAT frame of mind will help you enjoy most days, not just the holidays.

I have decided to start writing about this process. Becoming Nostalgic About Today will take a lot of practice, but practice often turns into habit. Hopefully, before long, I will be living each day in the BNAT frame of mind without even thinking about it! At least that’s my hope.

Please visit again as I post my random thoughts and observations.  Some of these might be truly nostalgic memories from days gone by, but others may be just about what happened today. We’ll have to see where this journey goes. Wherever it ends up, I’m sure I’ll be living a more fulfilled and joyful life as a result!

Until next time, remember. Become Nostalgic About Today!

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