Muggy Walks

Most of the time, walking my crazy dog Skittles is a challenge in itself. However, on muggy days, it turns into an especially frustrating exercise. You see, Skittles is a Beagle-Basset Hound and she has an extremely sensitive nose. During a recent two week span of excessively muggy weather, every smell, on every blade of grass, was turned up to 11 on the Smell-O-Meter. This resulted in massive amounts of zig-zagging during our walks, from front to back and side to side. Normally, this sort of activity would occur right before we’re leaving on a trip. It’s almost as if she knows what’s going on and she’s dragging her heels because she doesn’t want us to go. Other days, I think she’s just being a pain in the ass!

However, one day a blinding piece of insight hit me. You can’t fault a hunting dog for being a hunting dog! That’s what she was bred for. Even though it makes for an excruciatingly crazy walk when the humidity kicks up. Eventually, the air will dry out, and our walks will go north-south again. Making them much more enjoyable for both of us (well, for me at least). This got me thinking about human behavior and how hard it is to really change your ways. If it were only as easy as waiting for a high pressure system.

A few years ago, after an especially brutal vacation where just about everything seemed to go wrong, I resolved to change. I had a tendency to have my temper on a hair trigger when we were on vacation, mainly because I wanted everything to go perfectly. After that trip, I decided that even though Mr. Murphy was often an irritating travel companion, I resolved that he wasn’t going to ruin any more trips for me. During my morning prayers, I ask, “Please grant me wisdom, patience, and understanding.” This has helped me to keep my cool on vacation, as well as when my dog is acting like an out of control yo-yo. Give it a try, it works for me.

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