A few years ago, I cleaned out an acrylic cookie jar and turned it into a fish tank. It has worked out very well. Since it has a watertight lid, it‘s great for traveling. Putting a spear plant in the tank for oxygen has turned out to be a perfect ecosystem for our four guppies and one ghost shrimp. They were all very colorful fish and I loved seeing them chase each other around the tank nonstop. Honestly, they wore me out just watching them play tag.

Then, as will happen, they started to die off. First Ghost and Pumpkin, followed by Sunshine, then Blue. Now only Wolverine remains. Aptly named, he just keeps on keepin’ on. He doesn’t swim around as much as he used to and seems lonely now that he has the tank all to himself.  I was thinking about picking up a few more fish to keep him company. However, my wife and I travel a lot. So I have decided that when Wolverine’s time comes, that will be it for our fish.

Currently, he is watching my dog Skittles as she snoozes in her favorite chair next to the fish tank. They have gotten along well over the years, outside of a one scary moment when Skittles broke into a bag of dog food. She was so parched at the end of her feast that she drank a load of water out of the tank. That must have scared the fish flakes out of Wolverine. He responds to me as well, swimming up to the front of the tank whenever I walk by. This makes me sad. Is this how some of us will eventually end up? Swimming around in a tank, all by ourselves, because everyone else has moved on to that big aquarium in the sky? I resolve to spend more time watching him interact with Skittles and the world at large. However, his name is Wolverine, so he may be around for many years yet to come! Stranger things.

(Author’s Note: Unfortunately we lost Wolverine on Thanksgiving 2018. He was a good fish and will be missed!)

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