The Magic of Halloween

I wish I could say it feels like Halloween is just around the corner, but this week hit a high of 83 degrees.  Can somebody get ahold of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ask her to drive a stake into this horrible summer already?!  It’s had more comebacks than Jason or Michael Myers. It’s really hard to enjoy hot cider and donuts when they cause you to break out in a sweat!  I guess there’s nothing we can do about it but soldier on, and pray for a cold snap. Anyway, it’s now Thursday, October 11th, and Linus will soon be prepping his pumpkin patch with sincerity for the arrival of that Magical Gourd.  

I have to admit, I’m as big of a sucker for Halloween as I am for Christmas. I don’t go overboard with lawn decorations, mainly because I realize, unlike some of my neighbors, that we still have to mow the lawn until December.  That said, on Monday I pulled out what decorations we do have and put them up. I like to go the spooky music route when it comes to Halloween night. The latest advancements in Bluetooth Technology have turned this into a breeze. In order to spook out the neighborhood, I used to have to park one of my giant stereo speakers on a milk crate in front of an open window. Now I can get the job done with a speaker the size of a Snickers bar. You gotta love technology! Throw in some motion activated strobe lights, and welcome to Creepytown.

When I was a kid, Halloween blew my mind. For one night each year, virtually every house on the block was handing out FREE CANDY!  The idea that I couldn’t possibly get to all of it drove me crazy.  Once upon a time, on that magical night, my friends and I concocted a plan to ride our bikes from block to block, hitting as many houses as possible. However, the logistics of such an operation became problematic. Where do we park our bikes so some other kids don’t steal them for their own candy spree? They could wind up dumping the bikes blocks away, and we would lose valuable candy-collecting time looking for them. That hiccup prevented us from executing a brilliant plan. I still think about what could have been. Candy all the way until Easter!! Ah, to dream. Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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( I saw this on YouTube and I couldn’t resist sharing it.  I calling “Winning Halloween”)

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