Losing Your Peace of Mind

A couple of months ago, my locker was broken into at the local community center gym where I workout. Thankfully, the perp didn’t take my wallet or phone, but he did get two credit cards and a debit card. This robbery introduced me to the mechanism of the justice system as it pertains to these sort of crimes. After filling out an incident report at the community center and a police report, I began the process of trying to shut down my cards before the crooks could use them. Since they had about an hour head start, it was a lost cause.

After notifying the credit card companies and the bank, I started contacting my other financial institutions as well. Although only three cards were stolen, I still had to get replacement cards for anything else that was in my wallet. Just in case they were compromised. Needless to say, it was a big pain in the butt. Thankfully, I wasn’t out any money because of my quick response to those businesses, but I lost something more important than money. My peace of mind. Ask anyone who has had this sort of thing happen to them. The feeling of not being safe lingers.

When I write these articles, it’s usually very early in the morning. During the summer, I like to open all of the doors to let in a nice cross breeze. While it’s still dark, I type away in my recliner, with the front door wide open and unlocked. I never gave it a second thought. The morning after the break-in, I was writing as usual, when a creepy feeling came over me. I got up and locked the screen door. I know from a safety perspective it just makes sense. However, from my standpoint, they didn’t just steal money from me. They stole my peace of mind, and that’s much harder to get back. But I’m working on it. Live your life, but be alert. As that great philosopher, Benny Hill once said, “Be Alert! We need all the Lerts we can get!” Thanks, Benny. I needed a that!

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3 thoughts on “Losing Your Peace of Mind

  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you Jerry! We are living in a totally different world, than the one we grew up in! Although I’m living in a community I would call safe, I feel the need to lock my doors and windows constantly, due to some bad events that have happened in our neighborhood. Gone are the days of running to the store or even in your own back yard with the doors unlocked! I hope they catch the person that victimized you!

    1. Thanks! They caught both of the guys and I have been to court for one postponement already. The one guy has priors, so hopefully he’ll get some jail time. Once your peace of mind is gone, it’s really hard to get back! Stay safe!

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