The Personal Rainbow

On my way home from work one day, I saw something pretty unique. It was a very hot day with a few clouds, but it was mostly sunny. The clouds were very low in the sky and it looked like it was raining off to my left. Suddenly, I saw a small vertical rainbow, with very intense colors. Here’s the interesting part. I had my sunglasses on that fit over my eyeglasses. My wife calls them my Stevie Wonders. The weird thing is, without those sunglasses on, the rainbow was virtually invisible. However, once I put them back on, the rainbow popped right into view.

It made me wonder. How many other magical moments like my rainbow pass us by in life without us really noticing? I was thinking about this yesterday during my morning walk. On the next block, there is a huge tree we can see clearly from our kitchen window. The leaves on that tree usually start turning red and gold before the rest of its surrounding neighbors.  A preview of coming attractions.

As my hound dog and I made our way down that street on a crystal clear morning, that red and gold tree was lit up by the rising sun. The rest of the suburban forest was still in the shadows. It was a moment where I half-expected to hear a choir singing, “Aaaah, Ahhhhh!” Like the rainbow, I felt like it was a vision that was reserved just for me. I thanked God for that beautiful sight on a beautiful morning. As we finished our walk, I kept my eyes open for more Personal Rainbows.

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