The Halloween Parade

There is a Halloween tradition that has gone on in our neighborhood for more years than I can count. The Wilde Elementary Halloween Parade. In the past, this yearly event has always taken place on Halloween. But now for some reason, it has been moved up to the Friday before Halloween. Maybe so more parents can bug out of work a day early to see it. Seems like a good excuse for a three-day weekend.

Anyway, this parade is near and dear to my heart. As it is to all of us who live along the route. The Warren Cousino Marching Band (travel version) leads the way, as class after class of costumed kids march by my house. I am instantly transported back in time to when my two boys would be marching in that same parade. It was always a challenge to pick them out of the crowd. Prior to the parade, I would quiz them to find out what their friends were wearing. That way I would be able to spot them more easily in the gaggle of happy, laughing kids.

One year, my wife and I were attending a Halloween Party, and I had purchased a Darth Maul mask, cape, and double lightsaber. I decided to give the paraders a treat. I got dressed as the evil Star Wars villain and performed my best lightsaber moves as they passed by. The kids were thrilled to see me and I did my best to give them a good show. I’m sure the teachers were all thinking, “Who’s this bozo?” I spotted my son Kevin and waved. He pretended not to see me. I waved my lightsaber in the air and yelled, “Kevin!” One of his friends said, “Kevin, isn’t that your dad?” To which he replied, “I have no idea who that is.” Ahh, so it begins! Happy Halloween, everybody!

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