The Fast and Furious Holidays

As far as Halloweens go, it was a good one. There was a downpour in the morning, but by four o’clock the sun was out and the temperature had climbed all the way up to 57. By the time the ghouls and goblins hit the streets, it was a comfortable 48 degrees. A perfect night for the annual spooktacular. As usual, my wife went into candy panic within the first fifteen minutes. She’s always worried we’ll have too much candy and too few kids. Then we’ll be stuck with Snickers, M&Ms, and Baby Ruths until New Years’ Day. Not a problem this year though. The trick or treaters came out in force, and it was a great night all around. Even my jack-o-lanterns turned out well and got plenty of compliments.

The day after Halloween signals the unofficial start of the holiday season. It’s only November 1st and you’re already behind on everything! Who’s coming for Thanksgiving? How big of a turkey do you need? Is anyone vegetarian? What about gluten and peanut allergies? Do we have enough chairs? Don’t forget the pumpkin pie! You know the drill. November 1st fires up a feeling of panic that screams, “You are already so far behind, you’ll never catch up!” Your house will soon be filled with the smell of roasting turkey and stuffing. Plus, way too many dinner guests.

Then comes the Grand Poobah of holidays, Christmas! Followed a week later by New Years’ Day and nonstop football. I don’t want to throw you into a full-blown panic, but as of today, November 8th, there are only 46 days until Christmas Eve! Yikes! The experts all tell us to take it one holiday at a time. Keep in mind that Christmas is the elephant in the room, but don’t shortchange your family at Thanksgiving. Take a minute to figure out where everyone is going to sit. Make sure to keep the Democrats and Republicans at opposite ends of the table. Once you’re all ready for the Thanksgiving meal, take a deep, cleansing breath and give thanks. Then set your sights on the Grand Poobah.

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