You Could Always Be A Garbage Man

This morning a garbage truck came by, just like every Monday. However, today was a little different. The guy on the back of the truck was new, or very unlucky. All of a sudden there was a loud crash, followed by “MotherTrucker!” (cleaned up for publication). He had been tossing a particularly large piece of trash into the back of the truck. The item broke halfway into the gaping maw, causing quite a mess. Hence, the swearing. From time to time, we’ve all had jobs we weren’t particularly thrilled with. This made me think about my own job history.

I’ve had many jobs over the years, but I have never had to work in the Sanitation Arts. During my career at Trent car wash, my job was to cram my 6’3” frame into the back seat of 70’s era compact cars and get the windows as squeaky clean as possible. This required using T-Rex arms at times because I could barely move around back there. From the car wash, I moved on to Movie Usher at the Woods Theater. A pretty boring job, but there were a few benefits. The cute girls I worked with and POPCORN! Seeing lots of movies was also an added benefit. However, by my count, I saw Saturday Night Fever about 150 times and Close Encounters of the Third Kind over 300 times! Too much of a good thing. I was hearing The Bee Gees in my sleep.

This was before I began my career in IT. My first IT job was with ABD Federal Credit Union, where I worked as a Teller during the afternoon and a Backup Operator in the evening. I parlayed that experience into over 30 years in the IT field. Now, I work as a Sales Rep for Global Discovery Vacations. Most of these jobs have kept me clean, and relatively odor-free. No matter how bad things got, I never had to worry about a bag of reeking garbage tearing apart in my hands! So, the next time you’re having a bad day at work, just remember, it could be a lot worse. You could always be a Garbage Man (or Woman)! Happy Monday!

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