Beware of the Christmas Police

There are people in this world who have a very strong opinion on when it‘s “acceptable” to play Christmas Music. I call them the Christmas Police. They have a strict set of rules for when you can play music, decorate your house, and above all, when you can turn on your Christmas lights. I’m one of those people who likes to listen to Christmas Music in January, March, or whenever the mood strikes me. I don’t prescribe to the rules that Christmas Music can ONLY be played in December, and even then, not until two weeks before Christmas. Sometimes I’ll play Winter Wonderland on a snowy day in February. In other words, I am the CPD’s worst nightmare. However, I do draw the line at folks who put up and turn on their Christmas lights early. December is my hard and fast rule for that!

Here in Detroit, we have WNIC-FM. This radio station made national news by playing non-stop Christmas Music from early November until Christmas. This year, they started on November 8th. I know what you’re thinking! “I haven’t even tossed out my pumpkins, and they’re already playing Christmas Music?” All I can say is that it must be profitable, or they wouldn’t be doing it. There’s no shortage of advertisers during their annual Christmas marathon. My only complaint is their choice of music. If I hear Burl Ives singing, Holly Jolly Christmas one more time, I think I’ll rip my hair out! I really feel sorry for the people who work at WNIC. Playing non-stop Christmas Music so early must really suck the joy out of the holiday season.

In addition to hearing the same songs over and over again, my major complaint with WNIC is that they STOP playing Christmas Music on the day after Christmas. When we were kids, we broke out the Christmas albums a couple weeks before the big day. Then we would continue to play them from Christmas through New Years’ Day. I continue that tradition. Knowing full well it will be many months before I feel the urge to hear Little Drummer Boy again. So, don’t let the Christmas Police get you down. If you’re in the mood, blast the Chipmunks at full volume and send your co-workers scrambling for their headphones! Remember, Christmas comes but once a year! Let your Santa Flag fly!

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