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Happy New Year and welcome back to Become Nostalgic About Today! There’s a great commercial I saw during the recent Black Friday Ad Blitz. You may have caught it as well. The spot is animated, and it’s done in the Pixar style. While melancholy music plays, a young woman sits in her bedroom, furiously typing away on her Macbook. Initially, it’s not clear what she’s working on. Eventually, we see that she’s a writer. Her dog keeps watch over her as she prints out her stories, then lovingly places them in a treasured green box, locked away from the world. I won’t give away what happens next, but this ad is brilliant.

Click on this link to view it yourself. I don’t pretend to know what goes on in the mind of an angsty young Jane Austen. However, as an aspiring writer myself, this commercial really brought a lump to my throat. Please take a moment to watch the whole two minutes and fifty-two seconds of this gem. I’m not going hit you with any spoilers, but I think it perfectly illustrates how a writer feels when composing her latest story, blog post, or article. It does a terrific job of showing the creative process.

Like the young lady in the video, I feel I have kept my stories locked away in my own green box. In my case, the green box is Facebook and LinkedIn. This leads me to make an announcement. In an effort to have this blog seen by more readers, I will be soon be launching a brand new website. It will combine this blog, along with The Brown Parachute Club, and any other future endeavors. As of my last post, Christmas Eve Bowling, I have written 53 articles for this blog, and I am hoping to actually make a few pennies from my writing in the future. There are plans for a YouTube page, as well as an eBook of some of the better articles. I hope you like the upgrade, and as always, I welcome your comments. This post-holiday season, don’t forget to share your own gifts. Whatever they may be.

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