The Gold Watch

There once was a time-worn tradition in the working world. You bounced around various jobs in your youth, looking for the right fit. Eventually, you found a career that would provide you and your family with a decent salary, benefits, and job security. Once you joined that company, you toiled away for the next twenty-five years or so, until you eventually reached your reward for all of that hard work. Retirement. The symbol of achieving that goal was a beautiful gold watch. However, these days many people never get their retirement party or that gold watch. I was one of them.

There is a growing trend across the business world. Companies fire their senior employees before they ever reach retirement. That way, businesses get to avoid the higher salaries and benefits costs paid to these employees. Then they either eliminate the positions entirely or hire shiny new college kids to fill those jobs, at less than half the salary. My journey over the past five years (has it really been that long?) is detailed in my blog The Brown Parachute Club. If you know someone in a similar situation, please share this website with them. There are over thirty articles designed to help my fellow Brown Parachuters get through these tough times.

In my case, a funny thing happened along the way. Once the stress of my previous job was lifted off my shoulders, I became much happier. A friend of mine, Gerard Baltrusaitis (Career Evangelist), gave me some good advice. Reinvent Yourself. And that’s exactly what I have done. I absolutely love my job with Global Discovery Vacations. Also, between TBPC and this blog, I have discovered writing skills I never knew I had. Recently, while picking up some last minute Christmas gifts at JCPenney, I noticed a beautiful gold watch. The retirement party I was never given immediately sprang to mind, so I bought the watch. I wear it proudly to a job I look forward to each day. A sign of a career successfully reinvented. Thanks, Gerry!

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3 thoughts on “The Gold Watch

  1. Jerry, thanks for the shout-out. My only question is, shouldn’t I get the gold watch?!?!? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Nice job with the blogs. Keep up the great work.

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