Driving With The Windows Open

Now that we are post-Super Bowl and staring down the barrel of Valentine’s Day, our thoughts in Southeast Michigan naturally turn to spring and warmer weather. It has been a very schizophrenic winter so far. Virtually no snow at all, followed by a dumping of up to 8” in some areas. Then, the Polar Vortex came screaming through town. This plunged the thermometer waaaay below zero and brought along nasty wind chills as a bonus. Then, finally a warm-up came, but that was quickly followed by another deep freeze.

In Detroit, there are two events that signal the arrival of spring. The first is Opening Day at Comerica Park. Temperatures can be anywhere between 25 and 70 degrees when the umpire yells, “Play Ball!” Over the years, this game has evolved into a city-wide holiday. Detroit’s version of Groundhog Day, when winter-weary Tiger fans emerge from their burrows, blinking at that strange orb in the sky. Thousands of tailgaters swarm downtown Detroit at the crack of dawn, as their beloved Tigers make the annual run for October.

There is also a second event that tells us when spring has definitely sprung. Driving with our car windows open. The day when we’re finally able to “crank” (yes, I’m making the motion) open our car windows and blast out some Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll is always a special time in the Detroit area. After being cooped up in our homes from mid-October to late May, there’s nothing like that blast of warm fresh air as you sing along with AC/DC as they take you down the Highway To Hell. Unfortunately, this glorious time only lasts for a couple of weeks. Then summer comes rolling into town with scorching temperatures. This forces most of us to flip on the air conditioning just before Memorial Day. However, for that brief window, heaven!

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