The Unseen World

Back on January 18th, we had our first snowfall of the winter that actually stuck to the sidewalk. Of course, we’ve had many more since. One thing I have always found interesting is the snowprints left behind by people and animals. I call this The Unseen World, but there’s nothing really supernatural about it. I just find it fascinating that all these people and animals are constantly coming and going every day without leaving any visible trace (if the owner picks up after Fluffy, that is). However, if you get a day with a little bit of snow, you can see how many people and pets have actually walked by.

Snow days like this allow me to see what my crazy dog Skittles is always sniffing at on our morning walks. I’m no Dan’l Boone, but I find it interesting to try to figure out which tracks belong to which animal. The differences between squirrels and rabbits are usually pretty obvious. Especially once you see Rocket J. Squirrel scampering up a tree, mystery solved. Our neighborhood has had a number of other wildlife species as well. Foxes, coyotes, raccoons and even turkeys, for crying out loud! I’ve always thought it would be hilarious to put on some Bigfoot Boots and go for a walk in our neighborhood. Then, sit back and wait for people to see the tracks in the snow and freak out! Especially if it looks like Bigfoot was out walking his dog!

One thing I have always wondered about is whether or not animals can actually see ghosts. When I see those footprints in the snow, it always makes me think about my Mom and Dad. Have they joined me unseen on my morning walks with Skittles from time to time? If so, it certainly would explain a lot. There are many times when that dang dog zig-zags all over the place for no apparent reason. I like to think my Dad is tossing her some invisible Milkbones, just to mess with me. Good one, Dad. Or, maybe Skittles is just playing with one of our family’s dogs that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, Lady and Mindy. It could be that my dog’s not so crazy after all.

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