Concert Bucket List

About ten years ago, I put together a concert bucket list of groups or individuals I had either never seen live or wanted to see again. This list included The Eagles, The Police, Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, Journey, Def Leppard, Foreigner, and Shania Twain, just to name a few. Some of these shows I attended alone because I couldn’t get anyone to tag along. Never let flying solo prevent you from seeing a great show. It might feel a little weird at first, but once the lights go down and the show starts, nobody cares!

Because the stars have aligned perfectly this year, I am going to be able to knock off three more shows from my concert bucket list. ELO this summer in Detroit, Billy Idol in Las Vegas in October, and Bryan Adams in Orange Beach, Alabama. The Bryan Adams show was just dumb luck. I was able to get some last minute tickets for the concert tomorrow night. The big score was that the tickets were only $31 each. Websites like Vivid Seats, StubHub, and SeatGeek have really changed the way I shop for tickets. Ticket prices vary by city. So checking a band off your bucket list, while you’re on vacation, might just save you a lot of cash!

As I mentioned in my article Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey was the second concert I ever saw in my teens. My first was Queen, who I caught twice. Seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody reminded me how amazing Freddie Mercury was on stage. Unfortunately, over the past few years, The Grim Reaper has been very busy in the world of music. We have lost icons like Glenn Frey, Tom Petty, Gregg Allman, Malcolm Young (AC/DC), David Bowie, Prince, Aretha Franklin, and one of my personal favorites, J. Geils. I don’t want to sound morbid, but if one of your faves is coming to a nearby amphitheater this summer, you may want to catch the show before The Reaper beats you to it!

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