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While taking my morning walk the other day, I noticed a kid in his late teens or early twenties, sitting on a porch smoking a cigarette. A vanishing breed in this world of vaping. He was talking with someone on his phone, using the speaker. My question is, how hard is it to hold it up to your ear? At least he was using his cell phone for its designed purpose. For the life of me, I can’t understand why kids today have such a hard time understanding this concept. They text, snapchat, selfie, shop, binge, and much more on their smartphones. Basically, they do everything that’s technologically possible, except talk to somebody. Which is what the dang thing is for!

Back in the day, parents were led to believe that if they bought a cell phone for Bobby or Susie, they would be in constant contact at all times. How has that worked out? God forbid you ever have to call one of these little ingrates. They NEVER answer the phone. All you can do is leave a message, and maybe they’ll get back to you before the next ice age. Even texting doesn’t merit a response. Unless you are offering food or money, you don’t exist in the digital world. In our case, my youngest son lost his new phone on the school bus. Since he didn’t tell us right away, some little bugger ran up a huge cell phone bill, downloading games and music for his new phone! Argh!

I remember the first time I made a call on a cell phone. It was a Motorola flip phone, with a pull-up antenna, and a battery the size of a 1950’s candy bar. I had truly stepped into the world of science fiction. What’s really frightening is that soon, there will be a whole generation of kids who have never known a world without cell phones. I recently saw a picture of what we would look like in the year 2030 if we continued to let our devices control our lives. It was pretty frightening. This week, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. That really happened. Not just once, but six times! A smartphone is a million times more powerful than all the NASA computers that put those men on the moon. Tell that to your kids and maybe they’ll phone a friend. We can only hope.

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