The Quiet Place

It was quiet, too quiet. How many times have you heard those words and felt tension begin to creep up on you? It’s almost like a menacing movie soundtrack starts to play in the background. My wife and son were on vacation for a couple of days, and the quiet was definitely beginning to freak me out. My younger son had recently moved out, so it was the first time I was in our house alone at night, without my crazy canine alarm system. My rule used to be, if it didn’t bother Skittles, it didn’t bother me. Now, every pop and creak had me on high alert. My wife used to talk about this feeling when I worked afternoons for nineteen years. Now I get what she meant.

Working on afternoons, I was the only employee on that shift. Eventually, the night noises of the Renaissance Center took on a familiar rhythm, and I got used to them. Not so much with our house. I don’t like it quiet. If I’m home alone, I usually have some music cranked up while I write a new blog article, or work on some other project. My current position in sales keeps my mouth moving all day, so when I finally shut up, it’s a little eerie. Of course, I’ll have some music or podcast playing as I drive home.

They say that when you lose a loved one, it’s the quiet that gets you. Since our beloved Skittles had passed away, the silence was deafening in that empty house. Every little noise was magnified, and of course, my imagination began to run wild. When my wife and son finally arrived back home, I welcomed the noise. While peace and solitude can help you remain calm and relaxed, it doesn’t do a whole lot for your nerves after a day or two. Maybe that’s the secret. Quiet, in moderation. Makes sense to me. For now, crank up the AC/DC, gotta get some work done!!

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