Becoming a Daytrader

I know what you’re thinking. How does this guy, who has a part-time sales gig and writes two blog posts a week, find time to be a daytrader? The short answer is, I don’t. My experience in the financial markets leaves a lot to be desired. It used to be so bad, I would give my buddy a heads up when I was buying a stock, so he could cash out of the market first. He used to call me the One-Man Bear Market. Yep, Warren Buffett definitely has nothing to worry about from me. That said, I’m talking about another form of market altogether. I’m referring to the secondary merchandise market. You can access these products through apps like eBay, Craigslist, or Letgo. While Craigslist used to be the top dog, Letgo has left it in the dust, with ease of use and plenty of photos.

Unlike my experience in the stock market, these apps have helped me become a shrewd buyer. Over the past couple of years, I have purchased many products for a fraction of their retail cost. Stuff like, a Schwinn exercise bike, which the previous owner had only used a few times. It sold new for $500, and I picked it up for $40! The iMac I am using to write this article? Only $125 on Letgo. Yes indeed, there are plenty of bargains to be had at the virtual garage sale. Not only am I a buyer, I am a seller as well. Just yesterday, I sold an older Roku device for $20, and a small Nikon camera for $15. Both of these items were destined for the donate pile if I didn’t sell them quickly. So, I consider it a major score.

My son recently moved out of our house (again), so I am constantly on Letgo, looking for furniture and other accessories for his new place. Just yesterday, we picked up a nice computer desk for only $30. With all of the shopping for his new crib, I am constantly coming across stuff I need as well. Like the oak file cabinet sitting right next to my desk. A steal, at only $20. My friend Don tells me I need help. However, the way I look at it, if it’s stuff you need anyway, why pay full-price? Seems smart to me. I even have my wife using Letgo. Even though she hasn’t bought anything yet, she likes to grab my phone and flip through pictures of stuff for our son’s place. The way I see it, this gets me off the hook for future purchases. Hee, hee! Try out these apps yourself, especially Letgo, and see what you bargains you can find!

Disclaimer: Be Safe Out There! Especially women! Getting abducted for a good deal on an iPad is certainly not worth the risk! For more information, check out these safety tips on Letgo! 

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