The Big 6-Oh!

Last Friday, I noticed the calendar and I was struck with a very disturbing realization. I was exactly one month away from turning 60 years old! Of course, I knew it was coming. However, knowing a life milestone is approaching, then realizing it’s only a month away, are two completely different things. Naturally, this caused me to pause and take stock of my life. Have I accomplished everything I wanted to? Not even close. However, I have to say that in the area of personal growth, it seems like I have achieved more in the past five years than in the previous fifty-five.

Eight years ago, I had a pretty good life. I had a job I enjoyed, a wife and two sons who loved me, and nothing much to do except ride the wave of life in anticipation of retirement. Then, I would really start living! Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. However, in my case, I wound up taking an off-ramp on the expressway to fulfillment and wound up on the backstreets of frustration and hopelessness. That’s when I launched The Brown Parachute Club, and everything changed. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly, my circumstances started to improve.

I became inspired to try new things, like writing this blog. I also drove for Uber & Lyft, transported veterans to the VA, created two websites, worked in sales, and much more. I’d like to say I was motivated to do all of this on my own. However, when your comfort zone has burst into flames, then been bulldozed off a cliff, you don’t have much choice but to spread your wings and see if you can fly. It wasn’t very pretty, but so far, I have avoided hitting the rocky bottom. It’s amazing what can happen the universe gives you a giant boot in the ass.

All this reflection makes me wonder where I’ll be when I turn 120. Hey, with future advancements in medicine, who knows? It will be the year 2079. I’ll be able to see if they ever got that damn flying Jetson-mobile off the ground. In the meantime, I’ll have plenty to keep me busy. Earlier this year, I announced some major changes to this blog, and I’m close to launching the new website. It will combine this blog, along with The Brown Parachute Club. I never thought it would take this long, but you know how that goes. Anyway, keep your eyes open for new and interesting changes to Become Nostalgic About Today. I hope you’ll like it, and as always, I appreciate your feedback.

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