A Change in Perspective

Have you ever taken a different route home from work, and drove past that amazing restaurant everyone’s been talking about? Or, maybe you parked in a different spot at work, and ran into an old friend? I like to call these events A Change in Perspective. Things we do in life that take deliberate action but can lead to serendipitous results. 

This morning I am writing from a new position. No, not Blogger-in-Chief, although I do like the sound of that. Recently, I moved our sofa in front of the living room window. It has created a completely different feel to the room. As I sit in my recliner this morning, I’m enjoying a beautiful sunrise through the picture window to my right. Since my chair was moved to the south wall, I can now write with the blinds open, without the morning sun bouncing off my screen. It occurred to me that I could have been enjoying this wonderful view every morning. 

When I take my morning walk, I usually turn left out of my driveway. No particular reason, it was just something I got used to doing when I walked my dog every morning. Since I no longer have my pup with me, this morning I decided to turn right as I reached the end of my driveway. Normally, I avoid this route because my neighbor is always smoking by his truck and I generally don’t care for the guy. However he wasn’t out today, so I decided to turn right. 

As a result, I ran into one of my other neighbors, and we had a pleasant conversation. It occurred to me as I continued walking down the street, had I turned left, I would have missed her completely. Sometimes, if you break out of your routine, you’re rewarded with a nice chat or a beautiful sunrise. I resolve to shake up my routine a little more often. Maybe a multi-million dollar Powerball ticket could blow across my path if only I had turned right. I’ll never know unless I give it a try.

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