America 2020

Are you concerned about what’s happening to this country? Do you remember when you could speak your mind without a troll from the Cancel Culture plotting to destroy you? When was the last time you were able to open your mouth, without editing yourself fifteen times before speaking? Our country has turned into a very dangerous, Us vs Them place. That hasn’t ended very well in the past. It’s my belief that the only way we’ll be able to reunite as a country, is to focus on the common beliefs which do unite us. 

As this year, and decade draw to a close, I thought it would be a good time to take a hard look at these issues. Without sounding too conspiracy theory, certain elements of our government and media have done all they can to divide our nation and keep us divided. Why? Because it helps to shape and expand their power over public opinion. It’s no secret these scumbags want us at each other’s throats. Why? It’s good for business. Their business.

By keeping us outraged at each other 24/7, we stop seeing what’s happening right under our noses. We’re being led around like sheep. This has left us in a pre-Orwellian world. One where our children are beginning to side with the state over their own families. How long will it be before mom and dad are sent off to re-education camps like Winston Smith? Reported by their own brainwashed offspring?

When Donald Trump was elected, he rode a wave of resentment that had been building in this country for years. Under the Obama Administration, folks on the Right were routinely told to sit down and shut up. Now, people on the Left are being told the same by a giant Oompa-Loompa with bad hair. His daily tweets toss gasoline on an already burning bonfire of hatred. This has resulted in a level of hysteria not seen in this country since the Civil War.

So what’s it gonna be America? Are we going to continue being manipulated by the media, as well as the Right and the Left? Or, are we going to try to find some common ground with our neighbors, and bury the hatchet? Will 2020 be the year we can finally agree to disagree with our political opponents, or will we keep hoping they get flattened by a city bus?

It’s time to sweep away all of the BS, and finally be able to have some unfiltered conversations with our fellow Americans, without being offended by every word that leaves our mouths. After all, that’s how this country got started, and I’m fairly certain it’s the only way it will be saved. So, what do you think? America 2020! I like it, how about you?

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