The Polar Coaster

If it was coming, it would have been here by now. This winter’s weather nightmare: The Polar Coaster! Run for your lives! Yeah, not so much. So far, this year’s sequel to last year’s truly awful Polar Vortex has been a giant bust. Although there have been some coaster-like temperature swings, and a pretty nasty storm last Saturday, we’ve been sitting at a comfortable 32 degrees for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, even though I’m a sucker for a good snowstorm, I will gladly take this faux winter after last year.

However, the drawback of having temps in the 40s and 50s, followed by nosedives into the 20s, means that just about everyone you know is sick. Michigan is being especially hard-hit by the flu this year. It seems like the Faux-ler Coaster effect might be enhanced if you are surrounded by large lakes. It sounds like a certain mitten-shaped state I know.

I’m always entertained by stories of people who get their flu shots. Then, they’re struck down by some variant of the flu nobody saw coming. Stuck at home, burning through their personal days, sick as dogs. I never get a flu shot, and I usually make it through every cold and flu season just fine (with my secret weapon). However, my throat has been a little scratchy and my voice has been a little raspy the last couple of days. Ruh-roh.

So far, I have managed to keep this affliction at bay with cough drops and cold medicine. However, I haven’t been able to access my secret weapon. The steam room at the gym. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. Germs thrive in the heat. So, you would think five minutes in there would make my symptoms worse. Quite the opposite. For some reason, that tropical inferno cures what ails me as nothing else can.

Historically speaking, winter is pretty much done around here by Valentine’s Day. That’s when the weather gets truly ugly. Nothing like 45 degrees and sideways rain to perk you up. So suck down some more Theraflu and grab the tissues! Memorial Day is only four months away. Ugh!  

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