Ghost Dog

I had been missing my crazy hound dog all day. There were signs of her everywhere. First of all, I saw that stupid Facebook commercial again. The one with the gaggle of galloping basset hounds, with ears and jowls flapping in the breeze. Next, there was some guy walking his beagle-basset hound past our house. Then, the final stab in my heart, the popcorn strewn all over the ground at our nearby school. Skittles used to snarf that stuff up like there was no tomorrow. Now it just sits there, waiting for the birds or squirrels to carry it away.

I’m constantly jotting down new ideas for articles, and the other day I came across one called The Dog Tour. The premise of the story was about all the dogs Skittles and I would see on our daily walks. Some of the dogs we knew by name, like Ozzie, Ziggy, and Woo Woo (his real name is Rigby, but Woo Woo is the sound he makes when he barks). Then there were her buddies, Mindy, Jessie, and Lucy. Plus, all of the other dogs who would bark at us like we were trying to raid their milkbones stash.

Now that it’s just me on our morning walks, I would have thought these dogs would have calmed down by now. Nope. They still bark like crazy. It’s almost as if Skittles is still by my side, happily trotting along sniffing out cats and rabbits. Rumor has it animals are able to detect ghosts, and other things supernatural, so who knows? Maybe my hound dog is still with me on my neighborhood walks.  Maybe the dog tour is just saying, “Hi”. Stranger things have happened. Well, it’s time for my walk. Let’s go, pup.

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