The Red Snowflake

Around this time last year, I was taking my morning walk and I noticed a red cut-out snowflake on someone’s front door. Since Valentine’s Day was only a few days away, I thought this snowflake was an appropriate combination of holiday decoration and a tribute to winter. It was the sort of artwork my sons Jeff and Kevin used to make at school with their tiny little safety scissors. Wow! Talk about an immediate flashback. I’ll have to admit, the sight of that snowflake choked me up a little.

Memories of backpacks filled with various creations came flooding back. This included every type of kid-based art imaginable. Your standard drawings and paintings, but also some misshapen ceramic pieces, whose function was always uncertain. Mixed in with these treasures, were paper cut-outs. Sometimes it was a daisy-chain that was strung together in a specific pattern. Other times, a hidden snowflake was revealed once the paper was unfolded. As a kid, I always found this sort of magical.  

Some parents have saved every piece of art that made their way home. My wife and I didn’t go that route. The sheer volume of stuff generated by our little Picassos would have filled a storage unit, or two. However, the other day I found a framed watercolor of a flower, painted by our son Jeff. I believe it was from a school art competition because it had a tag listed with his name, grade, and teacher. Once I find the right spot for it, it will be going up on the wall. There was also a framed caricature of Kevin from a trip to San Francisco, that was done many years ago. That will be going up as well. 

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Moms out there. May your little Picassos bring you home a piece of art you will treasure for years to come. Or, at least until St. Patrick’s Day!

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