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The other day, I met a former coworker Steve for lunch. As we went down to the food court of the Renaissance Center, I was startled to realize it had been a year since I was at my old office. Wow! I was prompted to contact Steve when I saw the movie Real Steel the other day. It was on Showtime when I was flipping through the channels. Not only was that movie shot in Detroit, but many of the scenes were filmed at the Ren Cen. Pretty cool. 

Anyway, as Steve and I caught up on the latest office gossip, it occurred to me that I didn’t recognize the place anymore. The food court had been completely revamped and it looked great. However, the downside to the upgrade was that rent increases to all of the restaurants had caused many of them to shut down. Even McDonald’s was leaving! If your rent is driving McDonald’s away, you may want to rethink your pricing structure!

Anyway, down at the food court, we ran into Ina. She’s a receptionist from the 23rd floor. She is a sweetheart of a lady and one of the loudest people I know, but in a good way. After lunch, Steve and I went up to visit some of my old friends, including Ina. However, they are few and far between these days. Since the IT department moved to the Bloomfield Hills office years ago, all my amigos from that group are gone. I did pop in to visit my old boss Denise, and we chatted for a while about how much things had changed. I’ll say.

I know that change is a universal constant, but it’s still hard to take sometimes. When I left my old job six years ago, there were many friends I missed terribly. As I always say, “I miss the people, not the job”. However, when I head downtown these days, I find fewer and fewer of my old coworkers are still there. It’s like going to a class reunion when you no longer recognize most of the people who show up. It’s sad, but it’s life. There are still enough people around between the Detroit and Bloomfield Hills offices that we could have a whopper of a reunion if we wanted to. Sounds like a plan.

Anyway, it was great to see the people I did know, and give Ina her Hawaii shot glass that has been sitting in my dresser drawer for over a year. I hope to see all of you folks again soon!

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