Talking to Myself

Back when I used to work the afternoon shift, I picked up what I thought was a bad habit. I began to talk to myself. Better than hearing voices, I guess. It was the naturally occurring consequence of working alone at night. Generally, I didn’t mind the late shift, but I found the quiet a little unnerving at times. Maybe that’s why I started having conversations with myself. Since it appeared that my reservation at the looney bin wasn’t far off, I didn’t let anyone know I was a self-talker. It turns out that my diagnosis may have been a little premature. Quite the opposite, actually.

Recently, I read an article which suggests that people who talk to themselves on a regular basis, tend to be smarter than the average bear. Who knew? It states that folks who vocalize to work out their problems, seem to be better at coming up with solutions to said problems. It makes sense to me. How many times have you had a one-sided conversation with someone when you’re trying to resolve an issue? Often, you come up with the perfect solution without the other person opening their mouth. Thanks for your input, buddy!

That said, I will admit my self-talk has gotten me into trouble every now and then. Most of the time, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Once, I was at a CVS parking lot, and I noticed a particularly attractive young lady getting out of her car. My inside voice, which has a tendency to sound like a 1940s radio announcer, spoke up and said, “Hubba, hubba!” The only problem was that my car window was WIDE OPEN, and I had said it OUT LOUD! Whoops! This resulted in a very strange look from the startled young lady. I slunk lower in my car’s seat and prayed she didn’t call the cops.

So, I guess the lesson is: If you talk to yourself, you may be smarter than Yogi, but you need to know when to put a sock in it!

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