Walking in Your Footsteps

While taking my morning walk today I had a unique experience. It had snowed the day before and I noticed the footprints of a guy who seemed to have the same size shoes as me. Then I realized it was me. Just for the heck of it, I decided to walk in my footsteps, as I made my way back home. It was much more difficult than I would have imagined. I think there’s a profound lesson in there somewhere. Sometimes it’s okay to strike out on a new path.

Yesterday was Independence Day. Nope, I haven’t lost my marbles. I know today isn’t July 5th. I meant MY Independence Day. It has been six years since I left my last full-time job (involuntarily). For the first three years, I pounded the digital pavement with no luck. Then a job literally landed on my doorstep. The next thing I knew, I was working as a Sales Rep with Global Discovery Vacations. Going from a career in Information Technology into one in Sales never would have occurred to me. I was definitely stepping outside of my footsteps. It’s been a lot of fun, but very frustrating at the same time.

The true test for stepping off your path is when the Universe gives you a swift kick in the behind. When you have no other choice but to try something new, you shouldn’t be afraid to blaze a new trail. Be forewarned though, your pride will probably take a hit. I know mine did when I began driving for Uber & Lyft. However, once I accepted my fate, it turned out to be a fairly enjoyable experience. 

That said, I applaud folks who voluntarily decide to step outside of their comfort zone and completely reinvent themselves. You are truly an example to us all. Good luck to all of you who are stepping out in a new venture, and creating new footprints. You are truly the Lewis and Clark of the career world. Walk on.

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