What do you think of when you hear that word? Most people immediately think of a class reunion. Or, possibly long-lost siblings being reunited. Or, maybe a championship team, getting back together to relive the glory days. For the past two years, I have put together a reunion of the kids who lived on our street in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. It has been a lot of fun, and I can very easily see us outgrowing our current space requirements at Gilbert’s Lodge next year.

Since my family grew up in Detroit, my brothers, sister, and I didn’t have the same experience as the rest of the kids on our street. We moved in during my junior year in high school, so I wound up attending Lakeview High for less than two years. The vast majority of teenagers I went to school with had lived in the area their whole lives. I only knew two Shores kids when we arrived in 1976. I had met them both at Notre Dame High School in Harper Woods.

The kids on our new block were very friendly, and it wasn’t long before we were hanging out with many of them. That said, I was rather ambivalent about attending my Lakeview High Reunions. Since my friend Jim knew just about everyone in our class, he was my wingman for many of these events. I wound up attending those reunions for many years, hoping to run into a small group of friends I used to hang around with at school. Some turned up, but many did not. I pulled the plug after the 30-year reunion.

So, when I thought about putting together a street reunion a couple of years ago, I didn’t feel I was “worthy”. However, since many of these grown kids were now on Facebook, I figured, “What the hell, why not?” We all want to feel like we belong, and my friends from Bon Brae have definitely done that for me and my siblings. Back in 1976, and today as well. 

So here’s to next year’s reunion! Hopefully, it will be even bigger and better!

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4 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Thanks Jerry for your nostalgia! Seeing all our “buddies” from the “good old days” is awesome! We have history together, and are growing older together. Life is good, let’s share it together!

    1. Amen, Alicia! It was great seeing you and Paul again, and meeting Jacob! Based on the response to this article, we might have to add Bon Heur and Lakeland next year!!

  2. I came to SCS via New Baltimore, Fraser and Detroit. We moved around a lot during my first 10 years. We moved to SCS in 69. We were on Statler (69-73), Benjamin(73-78) and Cedar(78-80), all in Lakeview district. I was so thankful we finally stayed in the same district! My reunion would be of Statler friends. At our 40th reunion my first two friends – Debbie Fisher and Pam Green -were there. It was fun getting a pic together. Jerry, come to the 50th, please. Also, try the all class picnic the last Saturday in July every year at Veteran’s Memorial. Goes from noon to sunset. A lot of smaller groups hold their reunions then. Live music, bring your own food and drinks. No charge, strictly donations for the music sound engineers.

    1. Not sure if I’ll make the 50th, but the All Class Picnic sounds like fun! If we’re allowed to gather in groups of 10 or more, I’ll try to make it this year!

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