Walt and Mary Ann

I’m just going to say it. Back in my younger days, I lived with two girls at the same time. Unfortunately for me, I was more like Jack Tripper in Three’s Company. Their names were Sue and Darcy. While I was living with these young ladies, I was also dating my future wife, Kathy. So, there was no hanky-panky going on with the girls. My future bride trusted in the platonic nature of our living arrangement. However, my social standing among my friends skyrocketed. They all wanted the dirt on living with two attractive young women. I let their imaginations run wild.  

The house we lived in was owned by a friend of Kathy’s. Jim was renting it to us because he had been transferred to Virginia. This was waaaay back in the 1980s, when we used to stay out late and get up even later. Our family room doorwall faced the backyard of our senior citizen neighbors, Walt and Mary Ann.

I clearly remember one Saturday morning. Kathy, Sue, and I were lazing in the family room, after a particularly great party the night before. As we tried to motivate ourselves to get on with the day, we noticed that Walt and Mary Ann had been zipping up-and-down the driveway all morning long. We marveled at their vitality and hoped we would have the same energy when we got to be their age. 

Fast forward forty years. It appears that my wife and I have morphed into Walt and Mary Ann. Well, at least I have. If I get out of bed after 5 am, I feel like I’ve overslept. Most days, I get these articles written, proofed, and published before the sun comes up. After that, I take my morning walk and get on with my day. I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing all of this back in the ‘80s. In those days, we partied hard and didn’t crawl out of bed before the crack of noon. However, times change. It’s all just part of getting older I guess.  

So, attention snowflakes! Enjoy being young while you can. One day, you’ll wake up as Walt and Mary Ann. Having breakfast at your local IHOP before the sun comes up! I know, shocking. Order me some blueberry pancakes while you’re there. I’m parking the car right now.

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2 thoughts on “Walt and Mary Ann

  1. When we moved into our neighborhood, we were a young family of five. There were many older folks around us. Those folks have passed and we’re still in this house. The neighborhood has turned over and there are young kids again. We’ve become Marie and Erv (our backyard neighbors). Breakfast is at Five Star Diner on 10 Mile. Whenever I order pancakes, they’re usually blueberry!!

    1. My wife and I have lost the habit of going out to breakfast. We used to do it all the time up at the Big Boy. We would make Walt & Mary Ann proud!

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