A Cardinal Message

There is an old saying, “When a cardinal appears in your yard, it’s a visitor from Heaven.” I have always thought about that phrase whenever I hear the twip-twip-twip of a cardinal in the trees. I’ll immediately say, “Hi, Mom”. My Mom always loved cardinals. Unfortunately, we lost her to lung cancer when she was only 56. Many times we’ll see both a male and a female, which to us means that both Mom and Dad are stopping by to say hello. 

Last summer, after our beloved hound dog had passed away, I had a special moment involving a cardinal. I was working on my gutters when a bright red cardinal landed on the roof. He stayed there for several minutes, just looking at me. I immediately recognized the meaning of this visit. To me, it was a sign that Skittles had made it to Heaven, and Mom and Dad were taking care of her. With a huge lump in my throat, I asked them to scratch our crazy dog under the chin and tell her how much we love her.

Recently, a pair of cardinals have returned. During the winter, I loaded up on birdseed. So it’s no surprise they’re chowing down at the front yard feeder every morning. However, I believe there’s more to it than hungry birds. Given the state of the world these days, I like to think these beautiful messengers have been sent as a source of comfort and hope. They’re letting us know that even though they have moved on, Mom and Dad are still watching over us during these scary times. Thank you, Mom and Dad. We love you and miss you too.

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2 thoughts on “A Cardinal Message

  1. How perfectly this ties in with my cardinal picture. I envisioned the male being my Dad and the female my maternal Grandma. Dad, too, died from lung cancer at age 56. Grandma lived a long life and almost made 100. Both of them were huge influences in my life.

    1. Barb, I’m glad you liked the article. My Mom and your Dad, both gone too soon. Please checkout the website when you have a minute. Just updated it and I’d like your feedback! Thanks!

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