Traveling Alone

When was the last time you took a trip by yourself? Was it for business or pleasure? Did it feel kind of weird? It’s always seemed strange to me, as well. A couple of years ago, I joined my wife on vacation in Las Vegas. She had already started the trip with my son, who had to head back home early. Over the years, I traveled many times for work. However, it occurred to me that this was the first time I had flown on vacation solo since I was seventeen years old. Instead of a graduation party, I opted for a flight to San Francisco, to visit my friend Greg and his family. Thanks, Mom & Dad.

When I arrived at the airport, I began going over our itinerary of all of the things we planned to do in Sin City. After the boarding announcement was made, most of the folks jumped up and immediately got into line. This is an aspect of human nature I have never been able to figure out. Why does everybody jump in line to board right away? Do they think the plane will somehow take off faster if they’re already in their seat?

My wife and I are travel veterans, so we have learned to wait as long as possible before boarding. One of the reasons to purposely delay boarding is because I’m 6’3”. I like to enjoy as much legroom in the boarding area as possible, before shoehorning my large frame into an airline seat for a four-hour torture session. Another reason to wait is to make a last minute restroom visit before boarding.  It sure beats trying to pee in a moving phone booth.

My final reason for delaying boarding is to take advantage of the free checked bag policy that is offered by most airlines. If we’re the last passengers boarding the plane, odds are good the overhead storage bins will be long gone. Then we’re politely asked to check our bags. For free of course. Score! We can either pick them up at baggage claim or they’re right on the jetway when we get off the plane.

The jetway option is more convenient but requires more bag schlepping, and I am anti-schlep. Besides, we usually have to get to ground transportation for a rental car or Uber anyway. So why not take advantage of this wonderful service? Try it on your next flight and you’ll thank me. Happy Travels!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling Alone

  1. I do the free bag thing all the time! I’m too short to get my baggage from the overhead after things shift, so I need to find the 6’3″ guy to help me!!

    1. Barb, I’m pretty sure that’s Tom’s job! However, if we’re on the same plane, I will surely lend a hand!

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