Second Christmas

Soft snow is falling when I open the blinds. It’s March 23, 2020. As I always do when it’s snowing, I’ll be listening to Bing Crosby and other holiday crooners as I make my way around the block. Realizing that it may be nine months or more before it snows again, makes this morning walk special. I am christening it, Second Christmas. It’s been almost three months, since our last real Christmas. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to this holiday than just recapturing the good feelings from Christmases Past. This time around, things have gotten deadly serious.

As I make my way around the block, I’m thankful that this is another one of those pre-shoveled snows we have had all March. I notice some houses with Christmas lights still up. Normally, I would write these people off as master procrastinators. If your Christmas lights are still up come Easter, you have taken it to a whole nother level. However, this March, there are many lights up, and turned on, at many houses around the country. This has become a sign of solidarity for all of us, who are currently under the Coronavirus Lockdown.

That said, it seems to me like Second Christmas is an anti-holiday. There are no gatherings of ten people or more. No folks singing carols and telling stories of Second Christmases long, long ago. This holiday is being celebrated by staying home, hunkering down, and avoiding our neighbors like the plague (ironically). Quite the opposite from the real deal. However, there is a feeling that we are all going through a shared experience. One that breeds a feeling of camaraderie, that never seems to show up at Christmastime anymore. 

Hopefully, this December 25th will find us all safe and sound in our homes. Enjoying a REAL Christmas, surrounded by our loving family and friends. Truly appreciating our time together. Amen!

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