The other day, I asked Alexa to play some songs by Barbra Streisand. Babs has always had a special place in my life. My Mom was a huge fan, and I remember she thought Funny Girl was one of the best movies she had ever seen. As Barbara belted out Don’t Rain On My Parade, it made me think about Mom, and how much I miss her. We lost her to lung cancer in 1992, at the ridiculously early age of 56.

Babs has had a place in my life as well. My high school sweetheart and I went to see A Star Is Born back in the ‘70s. Kris Kristofferson’s singing in the movie was pretty atrocious, but Barbara more than made up for it. The hit song from that movie, Evergreen, became our song. I haven’t seen the new movie, and I’m almost afraid to. Even though it’s supposed to be great, I don’t want it to tarnish an old memory. As Ms. Streisand transitions into With One More Look at You from that movie, it takes me back to my high school days.

That lady knows how to crush a song. She also sings Over The Rainbow, which had a very special meaning, for both me and my Mother. Listening to Barbara Streisand sing it brings me to tears just about every time. I’m getting a little misty now, just thinking about it. So today, I listen to Babs to honor my Mom. She always loved her, and I’m sure she’s smiling and listening from Heaven. Miss you, Mom.

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