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Has your use of virtual connectivity increased lately? Have you been using Facetime, Skype, or Zoom a lot more than you used to? Do you even know what those things are? Due to the Coronavirus, we have all entered a Virtual World, whether we like it or not. A world where we are physically cut off from our family and friends. However, the aforementioned apps are allowing us to stay in touch in new and interesting ways.

Ever since George Jetson and his wife Jane used a Video-Phone to talk about the latest trouble Astro had gotten into, I have been fascinated by video technology. Back in 1980, my first VCR was a floor sample from Fretter Appliance. It was a steal at only $750. I was crushed when our house was broken into and it was stolen! Nowadays, I can stream movies on my phone, without carrying around all of those bulky VHS tapes.

With so many people working from home these days, advances in videoconferencing have enabled us to stay connected with the office. However, there’s still some basic etiquette issues when it comes to using this technology. As we have seen on many news channels lately, the Brady Bunch method of broadcasting has resulted in a communications trainwreck at times. Either everybody’s talking, or nobody’s talking. It will take some time to figure this out.

This past Easter Sunday, my niece Rachel set up a Zoom meeting, so my side of the family could all get together. At my last full-time job, I spent over six years setting up videoconferences, so I know how horribly wrong these things can go. This one turned out okay. Once everyone figured out how to use all of the features, the kids started playing around with weird special effects. It was great to see everyone again, even if it was only virtually.

Maybe this will be one of the lasting benefits of the Coronavirus (outside of insanely cheap gas prices). We’ll start to reach out to each other more often, because we have all been reminded of how truly precious life is. So reach out and connect virtually with your family and friends. It’ll be a welcome distraction until we’re all released from house arrest. 

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