Please Mr. Postman

That classic Motown hit by the Marvelettes has become my theme song lately. When was the last time you were expecting a package in the mail? I’m not talking about the daily avalanche of stuff from Amazon, FedEx, or UPS. I’m talking about the good old-fashioned Post Office. If you’re like me, it’s probably a couple of times a week. While Amazon has cornered the market on speedy delivery, the USPS still gets the bulk of the work done.

I’ve become a bit of an eBay addict during this lockdown. In recent weeks, I’ve picked up an older MacBook, a new battery for that computer, new remotes for my Wii system, an iPod Touch, and more. Mixed in with these purchases, were additional supplies for these products. So needless to say, I have been keeping our Postlady very busy. 

Also, I have found that tracking numbers have made it easy (and fun) to watch your package make its way to your door. However, it has led to some very confusing routing. One time, I ordered a package from College Point, NY. It made its way to New Jersey, then to Pontiac, MI (almost here!), then BACK to New Jersey, before it wound up in my mailbox. Sometimes, I guess it’s better not to see how the sausage is made.

The USPS has been going through a very tough time during this pandemic. So, when you see your postman or postlady, be sure to say hello. Please thank them for doing a pretty thankless job these days. I’m sure they’d love to hear it!

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