Working from Home Chronicles: Episode 3

A Travel AND Money-Making Opportunity

I thought I would bring you up to date on my latest job news, or lack thereof.  But first, I wanted to thank all of my recent readers who have liked a number of my previous articles.  That’s the magic of blogging I guess.  You put stuff out there, make it searchable, then people can read it forever.  You gotta love that!

I noticed that a few visitors who have recently read my posts are in the Work from Home field.  In response to that, I have decided to write an article about something that could turn into quite an opportunity.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I first have to back track to my previous job with Global Discovery Vacations.

Last June, my wife and I had a “Member Refresher” with a Global Representative.  We have been members of this travel club for over 18 years.  We have fallen in love with the Destin, Florida area, and we have used the travel club many times to vacation there.  Just winding down trip #9 as I write this article.

Our first trip with GDV was in 1999, when we took our two sons to Kauai, Hawaii, for a ridiculously low price.  Backtracking a little more.  Our family had stayed at the Oak Plantation Resort in Kissimmee, Florida the year before.  It was our first time staying in a Condo Resort instead of a Hotel Room and we were in LOVE!!

We had a King Size bed to ourselves, in a bedroom with an actual DOOR!!  Our two sons shared the sofa-bed and were quite happy with that arrangement.  After they had built their pillow wall, laying claim to their two territories, peace was declared.  It was like watching a junior version of Game of Thrones, but without all the intrigue and decapitations.

That trip “somehow” got us on a mailing list, and a year later we were invited to a meeting at Global’s Southfield, Michigan office.  We signed up for a package that gave us 12 “Vacation Weeks” to use over a 20 year period.  We wound up using those 12 weeks in about 8 years, so we thought we were out of luck, as far as our travel club membership was concerned.

Thankfully, in 2013 Global contacted us to let us know they had revamped the entire program.  They asked if we would be interested in seeing how the new program worked.  ABSOLUTELY!  We had become completely smitten with Condo Vacationing and it was costing us a small fortune each year to go on trips without GDV.  The new program gave us access of up to 6 vacations per year, in 200 Condo Resorts around the world!  Where do we sign?!

That brings us back to June 2017.  That’s when Matt from GDV came to our house and showed us the “New and Improved” program.  It gave us access to over 1,700 Condo Resorts, with over 70,000 weeks available in those resorts, for only $229 per week!  You heard me right, $229 PER WEEK!  Since this increased our inventory of available weeks by about 95%, we signed up immediately!

That’s when Matt said to me, “So what do you do?”  At that point, nothing.  Ocular Migraines had sidelined me from driving for Uber & Lyft.  So for the previous 6 months, I had been writing articles for The Brown Parachute Club and not much else.  He said, “You should come work for us!”  I believe my response was, “Uh, sure.”  Never having worked in a real Sales Office before, I had no idea what to expect.

What followed was a 6 month crash course in Sales.  Frustration, Aggravation, Elation, Jealousy, Joy, etc. . . .  I was exposed to all of it.  However, after driving almost an hour to work each afternoon, I got hit by a case of “The grass is always greener”, which quickly turned into a case of “Too big for my britches”Long story short, Art Van, the largest furniture retailer in the Midwest, is a scant 2.9 miles (yes, I measured) from my house.  I was offered a position there as a Sales Associate, so I took it.

Despite my little voice screaming his damn fool head off, I took the job, and within 5 weeks I had to quit, due to a foot injury.  Apparently, at 58 years old, I was not meant for 9 hour days on tile and concrete floors.  So I contacted my old boss at GDV, and with my imaginary hat in my hands, I went back to the office and asked for my old job back.  Unfortunately, he told me there was nothing available at the present time, but if anything opens up, I will be the first one he calls.  So, skunked there.

Then something occurred to me!  I had been telling prospective clients for over half a year, “If you refer any of your family or friends to Global, and they sign up with the program, you will receive $200!”  Suddenly it hit me right between the eyes.  One referral per week is almost $10,000 per year!  $9,600 actually (yes, I did the math).  Since my wife and I are members of GDV, I already had access to this potential income stream!

Because GDV is a Travel Club, it does require a one-time membership fee.  This starts as low as $XXXX (This amount has been redacted because I have returned to work for GDV).  I know.  If you are unemployed, you certainly don’t have that kind of cash lying around.  However, if you are looking for an additional income stream, this could exactly what you have been waiting for! There are plenty of Work from Home opportunities, but how many enable you to travel to Hawaii for only $229 per week?  Not many, I’m guessing.

So, if you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of this amazing Travel AND Money-Making Opportunity, please leave me a message on my Google Voice Line (586-467-5604) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

NOTE: If you ARE interested in signing up with Global, please contact me directly first.  That way I can refer you and get the $200 cash when you sign up!  Thank you!!!

Writing this blog has been a lot of fun, and since I have more time on my hands these days, I may write a few more.  We’ll see!

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The Work From Home Chronicles: Episode 2

More Good Jobs To Check Out!

Hi, and welcome back to The Brown Parachute Club. This week we are going to look at five more Work From Home (WFH) Jobs that you may be interested in. There is a tutoring job, an audio transcription job, a blog content job, and two others that are hard to describe.

The last time I wrote a WFH article I listed four good jobs and one clunker, so you could recognize the good ones. This brings me to some additional points. You have to be very careful when it comes to signing up for WFH Jobs. There are a number of jobs out there that are nothing more than scams to get you to cough up your personal info.

I believe I fell prey to one of these scams when I started looking into WFH Jobs. I signed up with a company to take surveys to make some cash. I never got around to taking any surveys, but I did get a deluge of telemarketing calls on my cell phone as well as junk emails filling up my email box.

Many of these companies may seem to be legit and even if they are, they still sell your personal info to other companies that will barrage you with “Special Offer” phone calls and emails. That is the last thing you want when you are trying to make money. Spending all your time blocking phone numbers and emails!

That said, let’s look at this weeks’ selections. To appeal to as many readers as possible, I am trying to create some variety with these jobs. I’ll try to continue doing that with my future articles as well.

Rev: This is an audio transcription job. I had to transcribe an interview once for this blog and I determined that I do NOT have the patience for this type of work! However, it may be for you. It pays $.35 – $.65 per audio minute and you are paid through PayPal. From the company website: Aside from the extra income paid out weekly via PayPal, the best part of freelancing jobs with Rev is the flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you’d like, from wherever you please. A wide range of people, from stay-at-home moms to college students and retirees, work from home with Rev.

Easy Shift: This is one of two “Onsite Shopper” jobs. It assigns you specific tasks that need to be done at a store. It’s as easy as taking pictures of the store, checking product endcaps, checking pricing, etc. It runs from an app on your smartphone and unless I am mistaken, you can do it from almost anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to earn some money while you’re grocery shopping on vacation? You are paid through PayPal but the pay scale is a little unclear. The next job I review is similar and it pays between $3-$12 per task. So, I assume Easy Shift pay is comparable.

Field Agent: This is the other Onsite Shopper job I mentioned. From the company website: Our agents use their smartphones to collect photos, video, and information from stores and many other locations. You are paid through PayPal and it pays between $3-$12 per task. Like Easy Shift, you can do this from virtually anywhere.

InstaEdu: This is an Online Tutor job that earns you up to $20/hr., paid via PayPal. Not a bad gig if you have an education background. They must have been bought out because when you click on the link it comes up as the popular Chegg Tutors. Still, nice pay if you can get it!

Triple Curve: This is a Freelance Writer gig that pays between $8-$15 per article. The main focus of the company is the creation of quality content instead of lengthy articles. Explains the low pay. This appears to be for experienced, professional writers, but hey give it a shot! You never know! Like InstaEdu, when you click on the link for Triple Curve, it comes up with Zen Content, so they must have been bought out as well. It appears that Zen Content has medium and longer length documents as well, so it’s possible that this has expanded into more of a full-service content job.

That’s the list of jobs for this week. I think they all look pretty good, especially the Onsite Shopper jobs that appear to be very simple and you can do them anywhere!

This will be the part of each article where I detail my results with trying some of these jobs from previous weeks. I chose to try out 2 jobs from the last time I wrote this article. The first one was Content Gather, a website where you can post articles for purchase by their clients. The second one was User Testing, where you test websites and apps and record your feedback. I wrote one article for CG and posted it. I have not had any nibbles yet. I tried to do the “Test Recording” for User Testing. However, it wasn’t accepted because I narrated the instructions during the recording, which is apparently a no-no.

Now for my warning. Be VERY CAREFUL of any software that you install on your PC or Phone! Make sure you do some research online to see if other people have had problems with the software! After installing the User Testing software on my PC, it triggered a Boot Scan from my antivirus software. That can be very scary since the PC won’t boot up until the Scan finishes successfully. Ironically, the only malware it found was from a competing antivirus program. Funny how that works. The point is to be careful, as always, whenever installing any software to your PC or Phone.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hopefully, you have found a job or two that have piqued your interest. Remember, none of these jobs are meant to be income replacement by themselves. You’ll have to do two or more if you hope to replace a chunk of your previous income. I know that’s not a very comforting thought, but what are you gonna do?

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with, or compensated by, any of these companies I have mentioned. They just looked promising to me and I thought I would pass them along. That’s all.

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The Work From Home Chronicles: Episode 1

Can You Earn Decent Money From Home?

Hello again, and welcome back to The Brown Parachute Club. Well, here it is, as promised. My first list of WFH Jobs that don’t suck. Hopefully. I have decided to turn this into a featured part of my website, hence “The Work from Home Chronicles” title. I’ll probably turn this into a page of its own, depending on how it goes.

Anyway, I have researched several WFH opportunities for you to have a look at. I admit that I haven’t signed up for any of them yet, but I am leaning towards a couple of them pretty hard and I’ll let you know which ones they are.

Most of these jobs I found reviewed on the Dream Home Based Work website. This is a terrific website run by Lashay H. She has done much of the hard work for you, by researching and recommending companies that she trusts.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but if I have, it bears repeating. You have to be extremely careful when signing up with a work from home company. Since you will be working for them, they will more than likely want some of your personal information. I can only imagine the number of scams that are out there, trying to collect your information so they can suck your savings account dry and run up huge credit card charges in your name!

I signed up for LifeLock a few years ago and I don’t regret it. It gives you peace of mind, and that is hard to come by these days. Plus, if you are signing up for WFH Jobs, this gives you a layer of protection you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you sign up for LifeLock, use the promo code 10Now to save 10%. If this code has expired, just click on this link for current LifeLock promo codes.

Just one more thing. All of the jobs that I will be listing will be using PayPal to pay you. That means that many of these jobs will pay you almost instantly, which is a very nice perk. Some of the jobs I looked at take up to 4-6 weeks to pay you. The heck with that! There are plenty of jobs that payout using PayPal within 24-48 hours. You can’t beat that! Click here to get your own Personal PayPal account! The only drawback is that PayPal will take a small cut out of each payment you get. That is the price you pay for safety since you probably don’t want to give these companies your bank account number, even if it’s just for deposits.

Enough of that, you say, what about the jobs? I have looked at a wide variety of jobs. Two of them are phone-related. Since I spent the last 3 years on my previous job fielding calls in Technical Support, that is the LAST thing I want to do. However, these jobs seem like a good way to earn some extra income, without having to sell anyone anything. That’s hard to beat. Here are the jobs.

Intelichek: This phone job is what is considered a “Mystery Shopper”. What the job entails is providing quality assurance checks for automotive suppliers. You call a company and ask for a price on a specific part or parts. That’s it. It pays .90 per call. That doesn’t seem like much, but when the average call takes no more than 5 minutes, that translates to $10.80 per hour. Not bad. However, this job has a 10 hour per week work minimum, so keep that in mind. You can set your own hours between 8 am and 7 pm. You get paid bi-weekly by check, as opposed to the PayPal option. It’s worth checking out if you don’t mind being on the phone for a few hours each day.

Call Center QA: Another phone job in the “Mystery Shopper” category. This looks like a good opportunity to make some decent money. You get paid $5 per call. If each call and survey take about 15 minutes, that’s $20/hour!!! Plus, you get paid via PayPal within 7 business days, so that’s cool! There is no minimum number of hours, but you do have to make your calls during business hours.

Humanatic: This is a Call Reviewer job. You know, when you hear the message, “This call is being recorded for quality assurance”? You’re the one reviewing the call! This seemed interesting. You listen to recorded quality calls and answer some questions based on the call. Plus, they have a link to PayPal to sign up for an account!!! However, I just checked and it looks like this only pays between $1 and $4.50 per hour! You probably want to skip this one! I included it here so you have an example of doing your homework before signing up with one of these companies!

UserTesting: I know what you’re thinking, “What gives? Where are the good jobs?” This might be a good one! This is a quote from their website. “How it works. Get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete. UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud.” I’m no math whiz, but I think that translates to $30/hour! Now there may be downtime in between, but this seems promising and appeals to my IT background. I am definitely going to check this one out!

Clickworker: For those of you with an office / clerical background, Clickworker might be for you. They help companies by breaking down large projects into bite-sized pieces. How much you get paid varies on the job being done and how quickly and accurately you get it done. You are paid via PayPal, though the time period seems a little fuzzy. It starts at 7 days but can go up to 21 days. However, if this is the sort of work you are used to doing, it might be right up your alley.

Well, I think that’s enough for this week. Hopefully, I’ve given you one or two jobs you will want to check out! I plan on making this a regular feature. I will continue to write articles on Side Hustles (not necessarily Working from Home), Productivity, and Lifestyle.

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with, or compensated by, any of the companies I have mentioned. They just looked promising to me and I thought I would pass them along. That’s all.

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