Divine Inspiration

I Can Hear Angels

Have you ever had a watch party planned for a big sporting event and your cable went out? Did you feel that sense of panic, when you wondered what the heck you were gonna do now? Did you move the party elsewhere, or did you use some good old American Ingenuity to find a workaround? This happened to me yesterday, and I was quite proud of the solution I implemented. Divine Inspiration hit me just as I was getting ready for church. After Mass, I hurried home to see if it would work.

About six months ago, I had picked up a tiny HD Antenna because I was toying with the idea of cutting the cord with cable. I wanted to have access to our local channels and I figured an HD Antenna would be an inexpensive way to do that. But, I digress. For the past few years, I have hosted a small NFL Championship Sunday party in my basement. It starts at halftime of the AFC Championship Game, then continues with the NFC Game. It’s a pre-Superbowl get together for myself, my two brothers and our buddy Dave. We have been watching the Superbowl at his house since 1980.

When I awoke yesterday morning, I found that there was no cable and no internet. A quick call to AT&T confirmed that they wouldn’t be out until Monday afternoon. So no help there. I was toying with the idea of letting the guys know about my technical difficulties and seeing if one of them could host instead. Then, lightning struck my brain. I remembered the High-Def Antenna, and after some technical finagling, I was able to get a very good signal for both FOX and CBS. The day was saved! Alleluia!

Since we would be watching the games in my basement, I was especially impressed with the picture quality and assortment of channels that came with this little wonder. I even decided to leave it hooked up after the cable miraculously started working just before the guys arrived. I told them the story of why the antenna was hooked up and like me, they were all very impressed with the picture. All three of them have cottages and are looking for alternatives to cable.

I give credit for this party-saving idea to God, who is of course, the source of all inspiration. This proves once and for all that God is indeed a football fan. Bring on the Superbowl!!

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Anticipating Autumn’s Arrival

Bring It On!

With the arrival of August, I have always said you can feel Fall in the air. My wife tells me I’m crazy. However, something special seems to happen every year at this time. No matter how brutal June and July have been, August comes in with the promise of warm (but not freakishly hot) days, and cooler nights. The prelude to Autumn. Our maple tree out front is an early turner and by mid-August, I’ll usually find a few red defectors on my lawn. Even though I know it will be a long time before my lawn is covered in leaves, it makes me think of football, sweatshirts, and hot cider & donuts.

I noticed the tree in this photo the other day and it made think of the cool weather ahead. It’s located in the schoolyard on the next block. Hopefully, it’s the sign of an early (or even on time) Autumn season. What really has me concerned is the Fall of 2017. Summer was late in arriving and so was Fall. As a result, we hit 90 degrees on September 26th and 75 degrees on October 22nd! With the brutal Summer we have already had, the prospect of temperatures not cooling down until Halloween is unthinkable!

I remember when I was a kid. As soon as we all went back to school, the sport of choice would quickly switch over from baseball to football. We played tackle in an empty lot that connected the streets of Lakepointe and Roxbury. No matter how hot it was, the football season would begin. In a way, we knew the game we played was part of welcoming in the Autumn season. So we returned home sweaty, smelly, and sometimes bloody. However, we all knew we had done our part in welcoming The Great Pumpkin to our neighborhood. So here’s to hoping we all smell Pumpkin Spice in the air, sooner rather than later!

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