Grinding the Gears


Well, we’re a couple of weeks into the New Year. Have you dropped those ten pounds yet? Is your gym bag looking at you with undisguised disdain? Do you have your runaway holiday debt under control? For me, this year started like a two-year-old trying to drive a stick shift. The sound of grinding gears filled the air. Unfortunately, it’s always the same old story. We start with a list of goals and changes we’re going to make in the coming year. Then after two or three weeks, poof! What happens? Life.

Instead of being in-tune with the universe, it seems like the universe is actively conspiring to flatten us with a steamroller. I think it’s a test. The universe is saying, “How bad do you want it?” Plans to hit the gym three days a week are derailed by car trouble. Or maybe, you wind up getting stuck with jury duty, and poof, there goes another two weeks. In the past, I haven’t called these events excuses. In my mind, they are reasons. Two completely different things, right? Procrastinating, with style!

Whatever you choose to call them, the result is the same. Your dreams and goals for the New Year run out of gas before getting any traction. In the past, I’ve avoided the gym in early January for that very reason. Resolutioners hog up all of the machines in hopes of reaching their fitness goals by the end of the month. However, I just need to wait them out for a couple of weeks, then they’ll be gone until 2021. When the cycle begins all over again.

The good news is that you can always hit the reset button. No matter how many false starts you have had this year, you can overcome them one by one, and refocus on your goals. So let’s stop grinding the gears and throw this baby into drive! Whaddaya say?  

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The Power of Napping

Catch One if You Can

Ask any new mom, and she’ll tell you that a good nap is almost a magical experience. When her little bundle of joy stops fussing and finally dozes off, she will instantly sack out on the nearest couch as well. A few days ago, we had another addition to our family. My cousin and his wife are the proud grandparents of a beautiful baby girl. I’m sure our new mom will figure out her little girl’s nap routine fairly quickly, and take advantage of it whenever possible. Catching a quick nap can be the difference between a good day and a miserable one.

Personally, I have always been a big fan of naps. My affection for a quick snooze began many years ago when I worked on the afternoon shift at my last job. After I got moved to days, I was missing my afternoon sleepy-bye time. Since I am no longer working there, I can reveal my lunchtime secret. I used to work on a floor full of conference rooms. I would take my lunch in one of these rooms, then set a wake-up timer on my phone and drift off to slumberland. I only got caught a couple of times, and thankfully, it was by friendly co-workers. I hate to think what would have happened if the CEO showed up early for a meeting!

Working on the afternoon shift, my mornings were spent getting the kids off to school. Hopefully on time, with everything they needed for the day. If you’re in a similar situation, I strongly caution you NOT to go back to bed. You’ll wake up in a few hours, and your whole day will be shot! Adios, yoga. I find it best to take my siestas after lunch, and then only for an hour maximum. Normally, I wake up after about forty-five minutes anyway. Also, you may find after a catnap (like Thomas Edison) you wake up with all sorts of great ideas for your goals. Take action on these immediately! If nothing else, write them down, so you can work on them later. So, hang in there new moms! Nap time is coming, then bliss.  

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