Cottage People

They’re a Special Breed

It’s no secret that Michigan is known for its lakes. And, not just HOMES. If you grew up in Pure Michigan, you know that’s an acronym for The Great Lakes. We actually have 11,000 lakes of 5 acres or more. So, Suck it, Minnesota! However, in addition to all of our alluring lakes, we are also known for something else. What surrounds all those beautiful lochs? Lots and lots of Cottages. Personally, I’ve never felt the need to own a cottage. However, both of my brothers felt the urge and acted upon it. What it all comes down to for me is that you don’t necessarily need to own a cottage, but you really NEED to know someone who does!

Last summer was Detroit’s fifth hottest on record. However, this year hasn’t been even remotely close to that. So far, we’ve had nothing but cold, wet days, and rising waters along the major lakes and rivers. Mother Nature has thrown in a few beautiful warm days, just to tease us a little. Although, when I wrote the first draft of this article, it was 45 freakin’ degrees. It’s June for crying out loud! Anyway, the cottage people are wishing and hoping for temperatures to rise soon. Then they can indulge in such wonderful activities such as swimming, boating, barbecuing, and watching beautiful sunsets by a roaring campfire.

The main reason I’ve never really been drawn to the cottage lifestyle is that I have a hard enough time maintaining one house, let alone two. However, that’s what cottage folks do. On Friday afternoons, they skip out of work early and race north or west to get to their refuge on the lake. Then, they unwind by dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, cutting the grass and tending the garden. Or, by harvesting seaweed like my sister-in-law Lauri (pictured above). Once that’s all done, they grab dinner, kick back with a beer, and enjoy another beautiful sunset. The next morning it seems like they either do it all over again or pack up everything and head back home. Then, the same cycle repeats the next weekend. As I said, I don’t feel drawn to it myself, but I understand it. Here in the LP (Lower Peninsula), we get about three to four months of nice weather before the fall and winter move in. So Carpe S’mores (seize the s’mores) all of you cottage creatures! Have a wonderful summer, but remember the Stark motto. Winter is Coming!

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Cool Nights

Be Careful What You Wish For

After being cooped up in our homes in Metro Detroit from early November to late May, it’s good to finally get some weather where we can open our windows and “air out the house”. Unfortunately, our miserable springs are usually followed by Hotter than Hell Memorial Day weekends. This year was no exception. However, once all of that calms down, we are usually blessed with warm days and cool nights for the remainder of the summer.  Until this year.

Anyone who lives in Michigan is aware of the radical temperature swings that can often occur within hours, if not minutes. However, this summer has been positively schizophrenic. It has been as low as 46 degrees in the morning and as high as 96 in the afternoon.  It has been a roller coaster of temperatures that will be in the mid-70s all week, jump into the 90s for a couple of days, then nosedive again back into the 60s. 

It’s truly amazing everyone in this area isn’t sick.  I was knocked out for a few days when Air Conditioning Laryngitis (yes that’s a thing, and I reserve the rights to that name) turned into a full-blown cold. On the morning I wrote this, it was 51 degrees and going up to a high of 80 by late afternoon. By this weekend, we are supposed to hit 97. Don’t get me wrong. I love Michigan, and I consider myself blessed to be born in the Great Lakes State. However, I think Tim Allen should do a spoof commercial where he says, “Have you ever run your furnace and air conditioner on the same day?  If you have, then you have been to Pure Michigan.”  Only us Michiganders would get the joke.

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